Building on over 20 years of experience advocating for various types of healthcare professionals in our unique geographic area, we successfully complete transactions for a variety of healthcare specialties of all sizes.

The foundation of our services is multi-disciplinary. Our process employs SKILLS, RESOURCES and EXPERIENCE that are SECOND TO NONE. More comprehensive than ordinary real estate brokerage companies, our services include determining rent and project budgets, projections and feasibility, evaluating submarkets, demographics and competition, thorough site searching and selection, leasing versus purchasing analysis, and negotiation of terms and strategy planning, timeline management, architectural surveying and space programming to determine size needs, cost estimation and the list goes on. 

Further, all of the foregoing is used to not only AID our clients in their DECISION-MAKING process and as we LEAD them with recommendations, but UNIQUELY we put the information together to present our clients in the best possible light to lenders and prospective landlords or sellers, thereby strengthening our negotiating position on all fronts. 

Unlike generic services offered by national scale real estate brokerage companies, or brokers that represent both landlords, sellers or developers in conflict with also representing tenants and buyers, Align offers highly specialized expertise advocating solely for HEALTHCARE PRACTICIONERS that are tenants and buyers within the unique real estate submarkets of our geographic footprint. 

Our VAST CLIENT BASE SERVED, along with our many respected financial, legal and accounting partners, attest that this makes us ONE OF A KIND in our industry. Our sole focus is fulfilling the dreams of hard-working medical professionals who have little time to focus on the intricate and unique aspects of searching and selecting a office space for their new or growing business. 

We are teamed with numerous industry leading accountants, financial advisors, lawyers, architects, lenders, equipment specialists and we integrate them into the process. When our clients have their own relationships, we integrate them into our team. 

We create substantial value and deliver meaningful results to healthcare clients that positively impacts their profitability, time and most importantly, their peace of mind and quality of life. We advocate for you, in all aspects. 

Our multi-disciplinary experience allows us to provide high level business decision making recommendations and to prioritize various factors that assist clients in reaching the long-term goals.

Have you ever wondered how long it would take for your private practice to be operational and profitable? Do you know the factors to consider when leasing or purchasing commercial real for your practice? Considered possibly expanding your practice but don’t know where to start? Have you been stalling for months or even years while trying to find time to also serve your patients? Let Align lead your real estate strategy so you can focus on your patients and practice.

Here are a number of ways we serve our healthcare clients:

  • Strategy & Positioning – we guide our clients to formulate a detailed and needs based strategy to position themselves for strong negotiations with financial institutions.
  • Site cost/benefit analysis –utilizing the site usable space and preliminary construction budget, we create a productivity and cost/benefit analysis of the entire space to make the site selection decision process seamless and straightforward
  • Construction Experience – by evaluating the changes and upgrades that need to be requested in a lease negotiation from the landlord, we help calculate the amount of free rent time necessary and set our clients up with as much leverage as possible prior to contacting the building/landlord. 
  • Planning for the future – we help you evaluate lease vs purchase benefits when scaling your healthcare practice
  • Lease Renewals – saving clients tens of thousands of dollars and dozens of hours by avoiding costly pitfalls, complications and delays
  • Data – securing the longevity and marketability by providing reliable demographics, market analysis, data mapping and price analysis and detailed comparisons
  • Site cost/benefit analysis – with a detailed space programming strategy utilizing the usable space and preliminary construction budgeting, we create 
  • Connections – our team of excellent partnerships include CPAs, financial planners, architects, designers, practice consultants, insurance credentialing and equipment vendors
  • Confidentiality – we orchestrate real estate transactions in a way that the identity of our clients is never revealed until the deal is

We strictly focus on commercial real estate for doctors, and there is more at stake in these transactions than with many other types of real estate. we have the training, experience, network connections and tools to properly and smoothly execute transactions for doctors

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