Healthcare real estate requires specialized knowledge and experience that is vastly different from common commercial real estate as the process of leasing or buying medical real estate is far more complex than a standard residential or commercial transaction.

Our expert real estate agents represent thousands of healthcare clients annually, both large and small, across all healthcare specialties in NY, NJ and CT.  In comparison, the average broker may do one or two healthcare transactions in their entire career.

We understand the medical real estate sector inside and out, along with the unique requirements of healthcare professionals and how to maximize terms to their greatest benefit. Healthcare Realty is all we do, every day.

A significant conflict of interest arises when commercial agents attempt to work for both the tenant or buyer and the landlord or seller in a commercial real estate transaction. Clearly it is not possible to fairly represent competing interests.

Tenants and buyers are also often misled by listing agents because of lack of knowledge and experience. Listing agents prey on unrepresented tenants and buyers assuming they don’t have the time, energy or strategy to achieve the best terms. Having an expert team on your side exclusively, while knowing the right questions to ask, levels the playing field and shifts the balance of power back onto your side.

While listing agents are financially incentivized to represent both sides of the transaction, we recognize that is not in your best interest, period. You need exclusive representation with no Conflicts of Interest. At CARR, our medical real estate agents are true advocates that only work on behalf of healthcare tenants and buyers, without representing landlords or sellers.

Our singular focus assures our clients that their interests are always first and protected, resulting in the most favorable terms possible.

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