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Align Healthcare Real Estate leverages deep market knowledge, property specific evaluation, construction relativity and ample transactional experience to enable our clients to achieve the best lease and/or sale terms possible. We uncover and execute on the critical components of value in each and every transaction, bringing about the highest and best terms for our clients. By listing closely to our clients needs and understanding our counterparts’ objectives we are able to procure the most valuable combination of initial investment and long term economic prosperity.

In order to best position yourself for negotiations with both your lender and a potential landlord, Align qualified brokers should be your first call. As part of our real estate site search and selection services that are typically provided at no cost to doctors and dentists, we will help you create leverage by utilizing our deep partnerships built over 20 years in the NY Tristate area and by understanding your demographics and audience requirements.

Do not reach out to potential landlords or lenders on your own as many healthcare tenants find themselves being taken advantage of by their landlord during renewals since the majority of landlords negotiate professionally for a living and often with the assistance of professional real estate brokers and listing agents.

Losing money during a commercial lease renewal negotiation can dramatically reduce your profitability, considering that real estate is typically a practice’s 2nd highest expense behind payroll. With this much at stake, hiring professional representation to protect your interests is paramount.

Important Items to Consider in Your Medical Office Lease

  • How much discretion is there to sell your practice without  sharing  any proceeds with the landlord?
  • Do you have a worst case scenario strategy to control rent when extending your lease?
  • Does your medical lease allow you to make changes inside your office, and upgrade the space? 
  • Does your lease give your landlord the right to relocate your clinic as they see fit? 
  • Is there a death & disability clause in your lease that protects you and your estate?
  • Does the landlord have the right to terminate your lease, forcing you to leave the building?

To be better prepared for lease negotiations, there are five critical considerations:

Create a negotiation strategy

Know what the other side wants aside from the highest rate

Know the real estate market nuances of your site location

Hire representation to do all of the above, save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours

Lease Renewal

Whether starting a medical practice, planning for physician retirement, relocating your clinic, or simply renewing your healthcare office lease, our expert healthcare lease negotiators and healthcare consultants can help!

Many landlords use the tactic of “delay, delay, delay” to increase their leverage over your lease and the amount of time that you would need to relocate to a new office. Their approach is intended to give them a distinct advantage over the tenant during negotiations.

Lease Renewal

Here are some of the services we offering during our lease renewal negotiation:

  • Lease Renewal Tracking 
  • Lease submarket concessions database
  • Uncovering hidden clauses in your lease that can be detrimental to the productivity of your practice
  • Perform a detailed lease analysis
  • Identify the top viable options in your area
  • Compare your current lease terms to the market
  • Evaluate purchase vs. lease scenarios
  • Customize a strategy based on your objectives
  • Allow your team to execute on your behalf to protect your interests
  • We help you avoid risks and costly surprises, achieving long-term stability and peace-of-mind.

Avoid the time, money and frustration involved in negotiating your own lease; leave it to the experts!

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