Many of our clients have considered the possibility of expansion and relocation as part of their initial business strategy and are already positioned to easily consider the current terms of their business and create the plan for either expanding or relocating rather easily and without much hassle. Often times, our client have already placed themselves in a position where there is an open adjacent space that they are able to expand into. In some cases, though, the practice outpaces its earlier project success or there are additional factors such as:

  • Expanding into new service offerings
  • Expanding into a new property type such as a retail
  • Considering purchasing your office space
  • Interested in targeting a new demographic area 

Expansion and Relocation Services include:

  • Maximizing profitability and productivity analysis
  • Detailed analysis of expansion vs. relocation
  • Timeline and execution strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Client demographic study 
  • Local market partnership analysis 
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