Representing doctors who are starting new practices is one of our specialties, and we implement a comprehensive strategy to ensure our clients build the right foundation for their future.

Just a few of the considerations that are part of our process

  • We guide clients with their business planning and formulation of projections to establish the correct long term needs of the practice.
  • The documents we help our clients to create are used to strengthen our clients’ position in acquiring financing and in negotiations with landlords and sellers.
  • Having been the leading provider of real estate services to startup practices for so many years, and having a long established portfolio of very successful startups, we build confidence with landlords and sellers that might otherwise be skeptical of the plans of doctors starting practices and are able to achieve results.
  • Competitive analysis to confirm areas that may be underserved and to improve chances of speedy startup
  • Matching location with types of practice desired
  • Creating strategies to help clients achieve locations that have room for long term growth but that are affordable in the beginning of the life of their practice
  • Pre-planning growth strategy for multiple location and multi doctor practices
  • Helping clients to establish teams of professionals who can support the growth and planning of their practices right from the start

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